Running a business can be tough, 

but you no longer have to do it alone!

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Even the most successful business leaders and owners need support and guidance...

Getting a personal Business Coach isn’t about admitting defeat, it’s about giving yourself and your business the on-going support you deserve! 

If you are ready to get serious - to STEP UP, GO DEEP and GET REAL about growing your business, we have a 1:1 Coaching option that is just for you.  

1:1 Coaching Packages

SGP will be with you at every step of your business journey:

Together we’ll:

  • Sharing game-changing growth strategies
  • Teaching you proven business tips 
  • Holding you accountable
  • Keeping you focused and providing clarity at each stage
  • Helping you achieve incredible success far sooner
  • Celebrating your wins  
  • Increase your business profit and income - and develop a plan to keep it growing 
  • Get your cash flow sorted, so you can stop stressing over money  
  • Attract an abundance of ideal clients by becoming an in-demand leader in your field 
  • and that’s just the beginning…  

90 Minute Strategy Session

$390 AUD per session

Half or Full Day Strategy Session

from $1,040 AUD

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6 Month Coaching Program

from $1,140 AUD per month

SGP will provide you with the skills, confidence and support you need to grow your business  

and create the lifestyle you love...  

Together, we will achieve remarkable things for your business!  

90 Minute Strategy Session

Are you looking for fast results? Then our 90-minute Strategy Sessions are just for you.

Have our complete attention to focus on exactly what you want to achieve in your business.

If you are looking for instant clarity and tools you can implement immediately, then these sessions are ideal for you. 

Break through any blocks that are holding you back and get a clear one page action plan and support!

$390 AUD (incl. GST) per session

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Half Day or Full Day - Intensive Strategy Session

A half day strategy session is ideal for a Small Business Owner.

We will work with you one-on-one, on planning how to close the gap between where you are now in your business and where you want to be. 

We will do this by working through a number of business tools that will help us to determine the best strategies for your business in the immediate future, followed by the key specific actions that MUST be taken by yourself to get to where you've dreamed of and are committed to getting.

Half Day Session from $1,040 AUD (incl. GST)

A full day strategy session is ideal for a team of people to particpate in from your Business.

We will work with you and your team, on understanding where you are now as a business and where you want to be. We will together determine how you will get there. 

We will work through a number of business tools that will help the team determine the best strategies for the business in the immediate future, followed by the key specific actions that MUST be taken by various departments or individuals to get the business to where you've collectively committed to getting.

Full Day Session from $2,080 AUD (incl. GST)

You will walk away with a personalised growth plan that will provide a clear, stress-free strategy that you can start implementing in your business immediately.  

  • It won’t collect dust in your office drawer. 
  • It won’t add to overwhelm.  
  • It’s easy to follow and it's guaranteed to get you RAPID results. 

Want to Learn More?  

Book a Complimentary Session, to find out more about an Intensive Strategy Session for your business!

6 Month Coaching Program

'Let's Get Serious' is a dedicated 6 month program for you and your business, where your personal coach will work with you to take you to exactly where you want to go in your business. They will give you the confidence, skills and support you need to create the financial freedom you've always dreamed of. 

  Your personal coach will be with you through every step of your business journey - sharing game-changing growth strategies, holding you accountable, and helping you achieve incredible success far sooner. 

Imagine this... instead of running your business alone or scraping by with a small team and no real direction, you're completely supported and inspired to strive!

You have:

  • A trusted mentor to advise on everything from sales and marketing to project management. 
  • Access to 130+ tools, resources and strategies used by the world’s most successful businesses. 
  • Support to help you push through your fears and step outside your comfort zone. 
  • A personal coach to keep you focused and accountable – and kick your butt if required!  

How It Works

A Half Day Strategy Session will be facilitated focusing on:  

  • Where your business is NOW, including what's working and what's not.
  • We'll look at WHERE you want your business to be , and map out clear business and lifestyle goals.
  • Most importantly, we'll work out HOW to ensure you achieve your goals by developing a fail proof action plan that gets results.  

Fortnightly coaching calls - via Zoom

  • Find your niche and attract ideal clients.
  • Build a strong business and personal brand.  
  • Develop clear processes to streamline work and create efficiencies.  
  • Optimise your online presence through your website and social media.  
  • Create a sales funnel that converts hot leads into paying customers. 

4 x coffee catch ups

  • Focus on the actions that grow your business – no more wasting time!
  • Continually innovate and stay ahead of your competitors. 
  • As a completely interactive program, if there's a particluar topic you want to explore, your personal coach can make it happen - this program is all about YOU.

PLUS, you will get...

  • Your personalised accountability plan  
  • Unlimited email support  
  • Access to an exclusive member-only Facebook group 

Program Price

from $1,140 AUD (incl. GST) per month for 6 months (paid monthly)


Pay upfront for the full program and receive a 10% discount! 

Program Outcomes

You will:

  • Bust through professional plateaus and personal self-limiting beliefs. 
  • See your big ideas brought to life through small steps and meaningful action.  
  • Fall madly in love with your business and feel totally aligned with what you do. 
  • Pass your passion onto your customers and keep them coming back for more. 
  • Finally start working on your terms with ultimate freedom and flexibility.  

Want to Learn More?  

Book a Complimentary Session, to find out just how this personal 6 month coaching program can help you!

What Our Clients Say


“With a personalised approach, SGP not only teaches you the intricacies of planning for ambitions and long term goals, but more importantly those small day to day, week to week habits, that when compounded make it all possible!

A powerful and flexible toolkit that keeps you focused on what’s important and continually learning.” 

Todd, Doveton Fletcher